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June 30, 2010 2 comments

Its good that we still use Roman numerals, how else would we know when movies are made? What Final Fantasy we are up to? Or… no, that’s pretty much it. Just those two things.

And in Final Fantasy news; it looks like Square is going to beat the spread and actually release, not just in 2010, but in September 2010. A few months ahead of the end of the year.


While the PC version is due out in September 2010, the PS3 version will have a 6 month delay on it; with a march 2011 release date. It’s good to know that they weren’t serious about making a console MMO.

Knowing that its not ready at launch means we can probably expect the same port treatment FFXI got. Which, despite the fact that it does work well, always felt very kludged to me. But at least now I know that I can skip the PS3 version. Thanks Square. In their defense they probably dont have anyone familar with programming for the PS3.

At any rate im still hyped about it, but I have to wonder if we’ll ever see a MMO designed specifically for the console?

With each of the top three consoles topping sales in the +40million range, even given for overlap, that still a huge market. Probably a market bigger than the number of PCs that can actually run one of these new MMOs.
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