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He ALWAYS has a plan.

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been liking DCUO, which I recently picked up.   I think they captured the feel of the DC universe very well. It’s not an MMO in the sense we’ve grown accustomed to playing. I found that if I stripped away worrying about what category it should be classified in, there is a fun game to be had. Which is not always easy to find.

I will say that one thing pulled me out of it tonight. In Gotham you communicate with Batman as he’s giving you directions/missions. And at one point he calls something you do “impressive”.

Batman never calls anyone impressive.

You do what he tells you to do and the most you hope for is “adequate”. Usually he’ll just swoop in at the end and finish up everything himself because the other hero was taking too long or got captured. You go above and beyond or take any kind of initiative while he’s around and theres a good chance you just messed up his plan. He ALWAYS has a plan. Superman could punch out an evil sun coming to swallow the earth and Batman still be all “Why did you punch out the sun? The one thing I needed you to do is NOT punch out the evil sun. We needed it to defeat the evil black hole that’s coming next. You wrecked my plan, idiot.”

Everyone’s always wrecking Batman’s plans.
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