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SWTOR – Trailer Breakdown

Bioware recently released another trailer for thier upcomming MMO Star Wars – the Old Republic.  Unfortunetly nothing is shown regarding gameplay. But if you have not seen it, I strongly suggest you stop right now and go check it out. It serves as a great hype tool…

And a bit of a warning.


This guy is the grizzled bad ass of the video. Clearly leading a rag tag group of gorrilla fighters. His bad-assery demonstrated by his lack of need for any type of protective headgear. Opting for battlefield visability over protection.  He is the personification of an elite trooper.

Who’s shit is getting wrecked? Anyone he points this at.


Well, almost anyone.

Now, the gun almost worked, so yeah, he should totally give up on it and charge the Sith. Personally, I find that dudes with glowing swords are notoriously bad at close quarters combat.

Here he goes on his way, taking out sith-lites with devistating shoulder throws. Leaving them on thier backs completely unable to recover. Apparently mistaking what he knows of Sith with what he knows of turtles.

And right about here is the point where he realizes he chose the wrong class at character creation.

But what is the right class?

What about playing a droid? Droids are cool right?  Sith-lite? Nope. Come back in 20 levels.

The real fight to end all fights? Same as it ever was.

“But I have a grenade!”



What will win this day?

Force wins the day!

As in The Force. Not like a force of rebel troops. They suck. They are either all dead, or would be dead had a Jedi not shown up. Which I feel it the moral to be take away from this video. A lesson spelled out clearly throughout the SW canon. And should be applied to any Star Wars game.

Non-force wielders are second class characters.

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