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Gaming News!

Blizzard and Facebook are joining forces.

Two unearthly juggernauts join forces in an unholy union that threatens to dominate gaming, and quite possible all of existence. Either that or this will allow all your friends to better plan your gaming addiction intervention. Win, win.

Cryptic has another Four of Clubs up their sleeve.

I hear Roper’s teaming up with George RR Martin and Peter Molyneux to create a Game of Thrones prequel MMO for Project Natal. It’s a free, subscription based micro-transaction supported game that requires two credit cards and a western union traveler’s check to play. It will be the highest selling game of 2012 and 2013 despite never actually releasing.

File Planet and AoC are going to Wang Ch’ung tonight.

Someone at Funcom has finally grabbed wheel of the out of control mess that has been the Conan MMO with the release of their first expansion; Rise of the Godslayer. Are they safely back on the road or have they over-corrected into the oncoming lane? Who knows?  The only thing that I can say for sure is that I’m not buying a subscription to File Planet to find out a couple of days early.

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