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The Audacity of Dopes

Shhh... don't wake me; I'm leveling.

The worst thing that has ever, or could possibly ever happen in an MMO has occurred. Age of Conan announced their most recent patch would allow for OFFLINE LEVELING OF CHARACTERS.

You heard me.

Essentially an active subscriber will accrue 1 level every 4 days that they can then apply to any character over the level of 30. This would allow anyone to get to max level in just under 7 months! Provided that they subscribe to the game and play regularly for a few weeks to get up to the minimum level, then sit around and do nothing while maintaining a subscription to the game.

In 6 and a half months and I could be max level! You could be max level! Terrorists could be max level! Fighting it out toe to toe with the poor chumps who slogged through a couple hundred hours of content with their friends – level being the sole determination of power in an MMO. And 6 and a half months later I COULD DO IT AGAIN! WTF!! Cheaterz!

Leveling up while offline is totally unheard of and therefore completely against the will of the gaming public. I dont know about the rest of you but us Americas, and 65% of Canadians, prefer to get to max level the real way; by paying a Chinese guy to do it for us.

Or buying a max level character on eBay.

Possibly just having our friends/guildmates power level us.

The point is that we like to bypass your content on our terms, in ways that violate your terms (of service).

What is Funcom trying to do with this; allow players to skip levels they are finding particularly grindy? Keep up with friends if they fall behind for a week? Blasphemy.

At least the have the common courtesy to force players to play through your boring ass midgame.

What next accruing currency while you’re offline? Crafting?

Why wont someone think of the children?
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