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Who’s Fault?

I do not approve of this post.

Andy Chalk, of The Escapist, wrote an interesting article today.  And by article I mean; fired a deep fried shot into the cholesterol filled heart of The Video Game Fanboy. Striking them where it hurts most by pointing out that maybe, just maybe, DRM – specifically Ubisofts new DRM – is actually all their fault. Although clearly written to provoke the response Andy has since gotten I do find myself landing squarely on his side of the line in this debate.

This simple fact is that software manufacturers will lock down thier product to the highest degree of security that thier consumers will allow them. And if you buy this game – or any game with what you believe to be an unreasonable amount of DRM –  you are saying; “Yes, this is an acceptable to me.”

Did Ubisoft step over the line?  That’s for you to decide, everyone’s line is different.  If they did, and you want to send them a message then you do it in the way that hurts them the most:

Don’t buy their product.

Buying thier product and then complaining on the internet doesn’t work as well because THEY ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY AT THAT POINT. It will hurt them far more – and thus get them to react in a better way – if they see a massivley anticipated game they release floundering in the sales figures. That’s how business works. And video games are a business no matter how bad we may want them to not be.

If there’s no way you can skip a single video game release because of this matter then DRM really isn’t that big of a deal to you.

I do have one bit of contention that I would like to point out.  At one point he writes:
“And while missing out on a day or two of gaming is unfortunate, the sheer volume of anger, indignation and surprise that accompanied the response is, to be frank, shocking.”
As it is not my first day on the internet, I did not find it shocking at all.
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