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The Secret World – ARG

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The Secret World – ARG

I’m not really a fan of Alternative Reality Gaming.  Especially its sole use as a hype machine for a company’s product. It’s like a form of advertising that makes me do all the work, running around finding all the hidden ads.

That being said, I love The Secret World’s Alternative Reality stuff going on right now. Running around and finding all the hidden ads is getting me increasingly hyped for the game!


Mmmmm... warm Lovecraft-ian tortillas...

I think it’s the setting of the game that lends to my brains acceptance of it as a viable marketing strategy.  All the secret society and conspiracy theories wrapped up in a warm Lovecraft-ian tortilla fit nicely with Alternative Reality stuff on the web.

Maybe because the web is filled with real nut-jobs with conspiracy theories about secret societies?It goes together like bacon and heart attacks. But mostly I find it a fun way to get information on a game I’m looking forward to.

At any rate if you’re interested here’s what I check in on from time to time to keep up to date:

Kingsmouth – Website for a Fictional city in Maine with some low-res screenshots of possible locations for the game.

Monsters of Maine – Blog of a Cryptozoologist living on Solomon Island, made reference to by the Twitters of the people of Kingsmouth. Screenshots and some basic info on possible – and pretty interesting – monsters in the game.

The Sanctuary of Secrets – My favorite, a website showing a Flash video of static. Which seems like a joke I would play on other people; seeing how long they will stare at it. At some point in time (April 3?) this will probably switch over to something more interesting.  Maybe the “proof” that Mr Cryptozoologist mentioned on his blog?

Twitterers of Kingsmouth:

Carter – Solomon Island resident

Andy Gardener – Deputy Sheriff

Helen Bannerman – Sheriff

Danny Dufresne – Paranoid misanthrope?

Saturday April 3rd is the next big day coming up -“Kingsmouth Day”. Which will probably be the release of more general game info, or possibly initial rounds of closed beta.

I’m not claiming to have been the original source on this by a long shot. You can find this stuff out there, on other blogs or mostly in the forums; I’m just putting it together for those who are interested.
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  1. February 4, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    “The Secret World – ARG Reverse Ding” actually causes myself
    ponder a somewhat extra. I personally loved every particular element of it.
    Many thanks ,Lawanna

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