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Received my first costum unlock in Chamipons Online last night, the UNITY cape. Looks cool, but capes don’t really fit The Emancipators look.

I also tracked down the venders that let you trade in your Perk Points (I have around 500) for more unlocks. I wanted to see what they had to offer. Something to give me some character ideas to build off of.

Unfortunately, even though a lot of the unlocks were very cheap, they all required that you also have a specific perk unlocked. A large majority of which requires you to kill thousands of a specific enemy. If I don’t grind it looks like I’ll be around level 40 before these things unlock.

Which in and of itself isn’t bad, these things should be something you have to work for. The thing I didnt care for is two fold:

#1 – there is no preview of the costume piece. Do I want to kill 5000 VIPER agents to unlock the VIPER helmet? I don’t know because I don’t know what it looks like. How am I supposed to decide that?

#2 – the costume unlocks aren’t account wide, they only affect the character that unlocks the perk. For my main characters, The Emancipator and Miss Ann Thrope, these are useless. I’ve already designed the character I wanted I them, there’s nothing to change. I’m not going to add the VIPER helmet to them. If I do want to create a “VIPER Double Agent” character -or build a character off any of the unlocks- he’s going to be running around for, at least, the first 20 levels looking not quite right.

Even if I chose to do it like that, I would probably rage quit if I created a character that doesn’t quite look right, grinded through 20 levels of kills for the Perk unlock, just to find that the costume piece doesn’t look like I guessed it might.

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