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My night didn’t quite go as planned.  Originally I just wanted to pop into Champions Online for a bit to see what the in-game store had to offer; then head on over to DDO:U for the Head Start program for their re-launch.

I’ve been playing DDO off and on since beta, it’s been my fall back MMO for quite a few years now. No matter how much other games disappoint, it’s been a good home to come back too.  I’ve tracked the process of the big changes they have been making on their test server, and have been anxious to try them out (the Kensai abilities for my Fighter in particular) when things go live.

I got off track a bit when I logged on to DDO:U to find I got the error I’ve been hearing about all day:

Basically the launcher getting stuck on “Examine Programs” part of the update.


I remember reading a few tricks for getting around this problem but, to be honest, I’m a little tired of that kind of stuff lately.  It doesn’t change my feelings about the game, or the hard working people who have supported it over the years, I’ll just log in once everything gets straightened out.

So Champions Online for the evening. I was fortunate enough to slip into the headstart but this marked the first official day it went live to everyone and stuff like the In Game Store being finally open.

First up the good news.

Blood Moon

There’s not much info about it but I think Champions coming out of the gate with an announcement on the first update to the game was a great idea. The page doesn’t say much, like when we can expect to see it – my guess is October judging by the content – but a new powerset was announced. Celestial with healing and… divine damage?  I’m not sure exactly. They also seem to be doing some interesting things with having you rise from the dead as a zombie (??) and dealing with Werewolf curses. We’ll see. Just news that they are actively adding content like this was good to see. One of the things I like best about Turbine is their constant commitment to getting new content out to their player base. Even if it is occasionally a little delayed…

Then the boring news.

The in game store was live! It had some vanity pets you could buy, but that’s it. Very ‘meh’. I’m really curious to see what’s going to end up in there.  Even though I don’t intend to ever use it.

Now the bad news.

The first day also brought out a new patch, with most notably Nerfs across the board to all of the Defensive powers for players and an increase to Henchmen and Villain damage.  One i get, but you needed to do both?

Apparently according to the announcement:

“A good number of players have noted that the game isn’t challenging enough…”

Really? Who are these people?  Who are these mythical players that developers always claim ask for their classes to be nerfed?  It’s probably the same person that used to remind my teacher that she forgot to assign homework for the weekend.

Gah!…one of these days, when I find that guy…

Ok, that may be a tad extreme.

Also no one tell Cryptic but the nerfs weren’t really noticeable and the game was a tad easy.

But that’s just between us, ok?

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