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Champions Online, Oops.


What should have been a great ending of the Open Beta Event for Champions Online was derailed by the news that Cryptic had run out of their Lifetime Subscription deals. While placing a limit on these types of things is understandable – financially these are a losing proposition for them – it was the fact that the initial announcement placed a time limitation on the deals (Sept 1st), rather than a numerical limit. Those people who were waiting to get a feel for the game during beta before deciding on what to do, myself included, found themselves hosed by the news that as of 10am Tuesday morning, they had sold out.

I’m bummed by the news, sure. But reading the forums – always a mistake – made this out to be tantamount to a federal crime. In fact one poster going so far as to suggest an actual class action lawsuit. Which seems a tad on the extreme side to me. But hey, you want to howl at the moon, be my guest.

To Battle!

To Battle!

I also saw a surprising amount vowing to cancel their pre-order. Which I don’t get either.  Being sure enough of the game to want to shell out $200 for a Lifetime subscription to it, that’ll you’ll have to play for a year before you get any benefit from; then doing a complete 180 at the news that you’ll have to pay the normal rate for an MMO, just doesn’t make sense to me. Either the game is good and I want to play it, or I don’t. What kind of discount I get on the subscription doesn’t factor much into things. If it does for you, then maybe this wasn’t the game for you to begin with. At its core it doesn’t seem to have resonated well with you.

Most of the people, me included, landed in the “This is BS, you need to reopen the deal” group.  While I think it would be great if they did, I doubt it’s something we’ll see anytime soon. (edit – and by anytime soon I meant the next day)

As bad news as this has been it really hasn’t changed my opinion on the game itself. Sure, it has its problems, it’s not a ground breaking MMO by any measure- more of an evolution rather than a revolution of the genre – but there’s something that I just like about it. It’s fast paced, colorful and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s fun.

Whatever that means.

Im in there... somewhere...

I'm in there... somewhere...

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